Giving to Starr

For more than 100 years, Starr has relied on donors and other supporters to help us advance our mission of creating positive environments where children flourish. There are many ways you can impact the children and families with whom Starr is privileged to work.

Call today to give by phone: 800-837-5591
Send your gift by mail: Starr Commonwealth
13725 Starr Commonwealth Road
Albion, MI 49224

Why give?

Learn why Starr donors generously support our organization.

  • Cal Lehman - "I just hope I can give something back."
  • Beverly Milner - “I read about Starr’s work, and I just thought Floyd Starr was a great man. I thought that was a place I’d like to help."
  • Frank Zanetti - "Starr takes in kids who need an opportunity. They really see that there is value in everyone and direct them to where their talents lie.”
  • Norman Nugent - "It’s not until later in life that you realize how much this place does for people.”
  • Patricia Schaefer - Because of her love for the arts and her dedication to Starr, Pat made the decision to become more closely involved in Starr’s Brueckner Museum, which has housed its fine arts collection and programming for the past 63 years.

Your gift to Starr Commonwealth will help vulnerable families transform their lives. Every dollar goes directly to helping children, adults, families and communities thrive through proven, strength-based programs. Giving is secure and easy and will bring help and hope to children and their families.

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