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Worry Wall

Directions: Designate this wall as the adolescents worry wall. They can use the wall to draw, write or “tag” their wall with an image, images or words that represents their worries.

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Worry Warrior

Framing: Your worry warrior is here to fight off your worry!

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Worry Beads

Directions: Ask the child to list one of their worries on each bead. Then ask them to color in the beads that represent their biggest worries.

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Late at Night When Everyone Is Sleeping, I'm Awake Thinking About

Directions: Ask the child what they worry about the most. If the child needs help ask questions about Family, Friends, School etc. Then have them write their worries in the thought bubble and color in the drawing.

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Worry Soup

What Do You Worry About?

Directions: Ask the child, “What do you worry most about yourself?” “What do you worry most about your parents?” “What do you worry most about your neighborhood?” Have the child draw pictures of each on the paper.

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Recommended Book List

Books for Children about Grief, Loss, and Trauma When Dinosaurs Die, L. Brown & M. Brown Brave Bart, C. SheppardTear Soup, P. SchwiebertWhat is Death?, E. Boritzer

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Why Schools Need to Be Trauma Informed

Do educators and schools have an informed role to play in the lives of students struggling with unprocessed traumatic memories other

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When Cognitive Interventions Fail with Children of Trauma: Memory, Learning, and Trauma Intervention

Changes in society, employment, the media, and family have contributed to traumatic stress and changes in early childhood experiences resulting in altered brain development (Siegel, 2007; Solomon & Siegel, 2004; Schore, 2001).

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