Child's Reactions / Child's Needs

Posted on October 22, 2013, in Stress and Anxiety
Reactions NEEDS




Terror/ Fearfulness

Adult protection, acknowledgement, patience, simplification of tasks

Constanly worried that something else will happen (hypervigilance)

Structure, consistency, facts, information, simplification of tasks

Physical nurturing, simplification of tasks and expectations

Chaotic or out of control feelings and emotions

Calm, peaceful environment


Sleep, predictability, calmness

Repetitive telling of the story or reenactment in play of incident

Someone to listen

Fear of being alone (difficulty leaving parent or letting parent leave)

Safety and conviction that self and others will be safe


Confusion, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate

Simplification of tasks, repetition, structure, patience. Teachers and counselors may need to be made aware of this inability to concentrate.

Worry about something else happening to him/herself

Reassurance, sense of safety

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