Survivor Thinking

Posted on October 23, 2013, in Grief and Trauma

To overcome trauma and its effects you must move from being a victim to being a survivor. A Trauma Specialist can help you become a survivor, to overcome your victimization . Like a wound that heals, the scar or memory will remain forever, but the pain will subside.

As a survivor you will have a reduction in the number of times you experience trauma reactions. You will have less fear of these reactions and less fear of losing control. You will have a renewed sense of hope and direction in your life, redevelop a sense of humor and experience more pleasure in life. You will reestablish a positive relationship with your family. You will have a profound understanding of others’ pain. You will feel stronger because of what happened and develop a new, often profound view of life. The thoughts of survivors are far different than those of victims. The list below identifies the thoughts you want your child to have about him/herself and others.

Check all that apply

As a survivor I know and believe the following about myself:

  1. __ Yes, bad situations come up in my life, but I can do things to make them better.
  2. __ I expect a lot of good to happen in my life.
  3. __ I am loveable and people love me.
  4. __ I may feel sad, angry, depressed, and confused today, but I will not always feel this way. Things will get better.
  5. __ I have a lot to offer the world and I am motivated to go forward.
  6. __ I am capable. I handle life with confidence.
  7. __ I can trust most people.
  8. __ I am a worthy person. I have many traits that are worthwhile.
  9. __ I am only responsible for myself. I cannot control everything.
  10. __ Those who can, will like me and understand me without a lot of explaining or apologizing.
  11. __ Everyone makes mistakes; that is how we learn.
  12. __ It is okay to be wrong. I am still a good person.
  13. __ People see me in a positive way.
  14. __ I take each day as it comes.
  15. __ I look forward to the future.
  16. __ I am in control of my life. There are things I can do to make my life better.
  17. __ My life is balanced.
  18. __ People are supportive of me. I trust my inner self to make good choices about others.
  19. __ I am strong. I face difficult situations head on.
  20. __ Each day I get a little stronger. I will get over this.
  21. __ I am a survivor. I need not apologize. I am surviving.
  22. __ As a survivor, I have many choices in my life.

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