Challenging Kids

Youth Voice and Engagement

For the last year and half I have worked with Project LIFE – Living Independently Focusing on Empowerment, with the goal to promote permanent family connections for older youth while coordinating and enhancing life skills development for youth in

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Transformational vs. Incremental Change

 There has been much written on the process of transformational change in the business sector over the past few decades, but very little has been done in applying these proven principles to working with challenging young people.

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The Healing Power of Jazz and Relationships

About a month ago, Tabitha was born. I know that Kevin and Jackie, her parents, will do everything in their power to love her and challenge her to pursue greatness through failure and success.

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Promising Strategies that Help Prevent Youth and Gang Violence

Thirteen California cities have learned from each other, sharing successes and solutions, giving moral and tangible support to each other, taking tested strategies from multiple sources to address long-standing problems, and making inroads on the

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Poopey-Head Principal

One of my student teachers explained that the principal in her elementary school was in heated battle with a five-year-old kindergarten student. She told me that the little boy was struggling. “He swears, he calls me names and he hits me.”

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Lessons From A 13-Year Old

As a trainer and staff developer for the last 11 years, the majority of my work has been with adults. I have had the honor of traveling the world working with professionals who work in a variety of settings.

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