When Your Child Has Been Traumatized

Posted on October 22, 2013, in Grief and Trauma
When your child has a medical emergency, you experience fear, panic, and, in some cases, trauma. Your first question is, “Is my child going to be okay?” In a medical emergency the doctor makes an evaluation as to the seriousness of the injuries and what is needed. Similiarly, when your child experiences a trauma, a Trauma Consultant or Specialist evaluates the “psychological injuries” and determines what you and your child need.

The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children trains and certifies Trauma and Loss School Specialists and Consultants to evaluate how severely your child’s traumatic experience has impacted him or her emotionally, cognitively, and behaviorally. They know what the special needs of your child are following the trauma.

What YOU need following trauma is information.You need to know:

What is trauma? How is trauma different than grief? How is trauma communicated through my child’s behavior, learning, relating to others, and emotional insecurity?

To help your child, you should:

  • Become a witness to how this experience has impacted your child.
  • Be able to recognize those behaviors that are trauma driven.
  • Be able to respond appropriately to each trauma specific reaction.
  • Understand and provide the kind of trauma specific intervention your child needs following trauma.

TLC interventions will guide you in helping your child. It will also help you with your own reactions to this traumatic event.

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