Glasswing racial healing two-day session

Designed for ALL people, this 2-day co-facilitated guides up to 30 participants through a transformation of their hearts and minds about racism and how we relate to one another as members of the only true race; the human race.  Participants are challenged to use “The Five Shifts” to expand their capacity to experience the reality others while being kept emotionally safe by Glasswing’s tried and true sharing guidelines.  

Additional topics covered include:

  1. The definition of racism
  2. The pathology of racism
  3. Stereotypes and caricatures
  4. White privilege
  5. The impacts of racism
  6. The history of racism
  7. The Reality of the Oneness of Humankind.

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Your gift to Glasswing will help spread a message of racial reconciliation and healing. You will help children, adults, families and communities thrive through this unique seminar program. Giving is secure and easy and will bring help and hope to children and their families.

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