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Are you a TLC Certified professional interested in promoting TLC programs and interventions? Be a part of the TLC organization as a Certified Trainer! If you have expertise in strength-based trauma practices and are a good communicator, then you are an excellent candidate for this Certified Trainer Program.

TLC is looking for TLC Certified professionals who are invested in promoting TLC programs, interventions and its future by being part of our organization as a Certified Trainer. Those who have expertise in trauma/strength-based practice and are excellent presenters but do not have the time, resources or expertise to market themselves to the larger community are excellent candidates for this Certification.

Certified Trainer Requirements

To be eligible to obtain TLC Certified Trainer status you must:

  • Currently be at least a Level-1 TLC Certified Trauma Practitioner.
  • Five years of practice with documentation from three professional sources supporting competency
  • Computer literate/efficiency in PowerPoint,
  • Email accessible
  • Cell phone availability
  • Successful completion of TLC Certified Trainer training program


Certified Trainer Training will include a review of Children of Trauma and Structured Sensory Interventions for participants. Click here to see all of our training events.

Each participant will be asked to complete the following 4 requirements:

  • Each participant will prepare and present a 30 minute presentation with the following question in mind: What do (SELECT ONE) parents, clinicians in residential treatment centers, clinicians in agency settings, teachers, schools etc. need to know about childhood trauma?

  • It is understood that everything that is needed to know cannot be presented in this short time therefore the participant may select one or two key areas that they wish to present to the group. Each presentation will be evaluated by other participants and facilitator of the training.

  • Each participant will be given 30 minutes to engage the group in a sensory-based, theme-specific activity (Hurt, Worry, Anger, Revenge, Safety). Participants must supply materials that are need to complete the activity.
  • Each participant will be asked to complete an oral Q&A. Participants will be given two questions, they may select one of the two questions to answer out loud to the group. Each participant will be given 10 minutes to answer the question, however some questions may require more or less time to answer.
  • Each participant will be asked to complete a written Q&A. Participants will be given three questions. They may select two of the three questions to answer. Participants will be given 40 minutes to answer the questions.


  • Presentation Competency
  • Process Competency
  • Competency Evaluations


Certified Trainers will be provided a certificate of completion identifying successful completion of this two-day training.

Participants who do not qualify for certification in the Certified Trainer Program will be notified individually. A thorough written summary of the reasons for non-acceptance will be provided. Should they not be accepted for Certification 25% of their fee will be refunded and they will be given course credit for the two days.

TLC Certified Trainer Renewal Requirements

To maintain status as a TLC Certified Trainer staff must commit to obtaining Level-2 TLC Advanced Certified Trauma Practitioner Certification within four (4) years of obtaining TLC Certified Trainer status. An additional two (2) TLC in person or online courses must be completed annually to retain the TLC Certified Trainer status.

Certified trainers must complete a yearly attestation documenting evidence of licensure, support of and compliance with ethical standards. TLC/Starr reserves the right to discontinue this contract at anytime.  


If you have questions, please contact us today.

Feedback from Participants

Thank you for the excellent training! It was everything I hoped it would be, and more! In fact, I have been bragging to folks about how this was the best TOT experiences I have had because it truly challenged and tested us to help us understand the issue and materials in a more comprehensive manner.
Charlie Alcaraz, Pima Prevention Partnership, Tuscon, AZ

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