Huilan Krenn

Years served: 3

City of residence: Battle Creek, Mi

Profession & employer: Director of Learning & Impact, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Why are you #DrivenToHeal with Starr Commonwealth? “What drives me to be #DrivenToHeal are the children we serve: on Starr campus, in schools, at home, in the communities. Wherever they are, SC is there to support them. Uncle Floyd said “There is no such thing as a bad child and it resonates with me. We have the responsibilities to create opportunities for all children so they are able to fulfill their full potentials. SC is leading the way to level the playing field for the underserved, as well as supporting the adults so they are better equipped to provide quality education, social services and/or designing/implementing more equitable policies to these children. I am proud and honored to be on the Starr Commonwealth’s #DrivenToHeal “wagon” for them.”

Fun facts about Huilan: “I am a paradox: I love gardens, but I am terrified of worms and most bugs. I love animals, but I am afraid of them all (except for my own two cats), domesticated or not. I love cooking, but I can hardly or I intuitively refuse to follow recipes.”