Certified Trauma & Resilience Trainer (CTRT) – Trainer Application

(i.e., the name of the organization you work for)
Applicants must be an active CTRP, CTRC, and/or ACTRP and have completed all five required courses for applications to be reviewed and approved


Work Experience

Describe any applicable training, supervision, professional speaking and/or published work you have completed
Describe any recent professional development, growth activities, and/or literature you have completed recently


Please provide three references, one of which who is in a leadership postion at your current place of employment (and can attest to your training/facilitation abilities)
Please Note: This individual should hold a leadership position at your current place of employment

Personal Attributes and Experiences

Describe what strengths you would bring to the role of a trainer
Describe any community involvement, service memberships, etc. you are part of
Describe your approach to working with youth in 100 words or less

Trainer Details

Describe the audience and location(s) you would like to train
Describe what goals you would like to achieve as a Certified Trauma and Resilience Trainer