Courageous Classrooms: Skill of the Week Funding Support

Starr Commonwealth understands that not every school can find the resources to fund the annual licensing fee for Courageous Classrooms: Skill of the Week program, or to take advantage of Starr’s extensive professional training and coaching library. Whether you are a teacher or principal looking to implement trauma-informed programming in your building, or a superintendent wishing to see Starr’s training in every building throughout your district, we understand that funding will always limit those opportunities. If you would like to explore how Starr can work with you to either provide or find additional funding support, we are prepared with a toolkit of options that can help you and your school.

To request this support, please complete the following questionnaire and click the box at the end stating “Yes, please share more about funding opportunities for my school.” From there, a Customer Care Representative will contact you with the next steps.

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