Putting it All Together

This workshop is an experiential journey from assessment to closure that is intended to support your clinical implementation of the Trauma Intervention Programs. Get ready to play as you learn immediately usable and practical techniques, activities and interventions to synthesize your learning application. Here is what is waiting for you:

  • Assessment: The first part of your journey is to discover trauma-informed, play-based assessment techniques that will provide significant insight and clarity into the child’s perception of the traumatic experience and worries.
  • Treatment Topics: Then journey more deeply into exploring the critical treatment juncture of secondary wounding and its effects on trauma recovery. Participants will learn a deeper working definition of secondary wounding, how it shows up in the therapy room for children and adults, and explore the very sensitive area of “self-secondary wounding.” We will examine the effects of this on trauma recovery and resilience, and learn about specific adjunct compassionate treatment options that integrate fully into the Starr Trauma Intervention Programs.
  • Closure: Finally complete this learning experience with trauma-focused closure interventions that will support the newly identified survivor and thrive as they prepare to walk again on their own.

Your take home tool kit from this workshop will include interventions that you can put to use immediately and a context for putting your previous days of training into practice.