Breathe! Rock! Draw! Self-Regulation Strategies

Breathe Rock Draw
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Course Overview

This course promotes calm conversations by structuring activities in three areas (breathing exercises, rhythm routines and drawing/writing) and offering opportunities for children to socially engage through these structured activities in a small group format. The activities can be presented to a child/teen individually, in small group or in a classroom context. Using brain science and focusing on both the inner (sensations, images, feelings) and outer worlds (location, safety of that environment), strategies are thoughtfully introduced to promote self-regulation, positive connection and ultimately academic and social readiness to succeed. Course consists of reading and test. CEs included.

Learning Objectives:

The participant will learn how to:

  • Foster self-regulation in child/teen.
  • Promote learning readiness.
  • Reduce disruptive behaviors.
  • Enhance counselor/psychologist/teacher’s role as co-regulator of students.
  • Improve child/teen self-confidence.
  • Mobilize and motivate the child/teen by offering exercises that teach how to control body sensations, images, thoughts and feelings.
Course Creator/Instructor: Barb Dorrington
Please Note:

This course takes approximately 6-hours to complete. You do not have to complete it in one sitting. Once you purchase this course you will have access to it for 1-year (365 days). You must complete it in that time period. You may renew it for another year for an additional fee if necessary.