The Circle of Courage and COVID-19

The Circle of Courage is a model of resilience built upon the belief that all individuals, regardless of their age, have four universal needs. When any one or more of these universal needs is not being met, our “circle” is thought to be broken and as a result there are symptoms and reactions such as […]

COVID-19, School Cancellation, and Trauma

During this time of uncertainty and potentially traumatic consequence, Starr Commonwealth is committed to supporting teachers and other caring adults in whatever way we can. To best assist educators poised to provide the nurturing foundation our children need, we would like to offer our online course Trauma-Informed Resilient Schools free of charge to anyone interested […]

The Time to Take Action on School Shootings is Now

It’s not a single issue. It’s not a soundbite. It’s not a quick fix. But it is possible to prevent school shootings. As we take pause and reflect on the first anniversary of the Oxford High School shooting, many are looking backward to try and make sense of this senseless violence. Starr Commonwealth is looking […]

The Silent Pandemic of Grief

I want to take a moment to acknowledge the grief, loss, pain and trauma experienced by so many over the past two years – it is impossible for me to put its severity and intensity into words. Many of us have experienced our own personal adversity and as child caring practitioners in various settings, we […]

Starr Commonwealth Awarded Grant from Branch County Community Foundation for Continued Union City Resilient Schools Project

Starr Commonwealth has been awarded $2,400 from the Branch County Community Foundation Forever Fund to enter phase 3 of the Union City Resilient Schools Project, which supports trauma-informed and resilience-focused experiences between students, teachers, administrators, and families to create supportive environments that leads to better outcomes socially, emotionally, and academically. The project began in early […]

Back to School: Control the Controllable

As parents, educators, and students prepare for and begin the 2021-2022 school year, the normal back to school concerns are running into new unknowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic leaving children and adults more worried than usual. The unpredictability of this challenging situation reminds us that while we cannot control some things right now, there […]

Starr Commonwealth Partners with U.S. Federal Government to Provide Safe Haven, Alleviate Humanitarian Challenge at Border

In response to an urgent request from the U.S. federal government, Starr Commonwealth is opening its Albion campus to help alleviate the developing humanitarian challenge at the southern border. A leader in healing trauma and building resilience in children, Starr has signed a facilities agreement to allow the Administration for Children and Families to utilize […]

4th Annual Night of Starrs

As the week has progressed, we have been humbled by your outpouring of generosity. Thank you to all who have given, dedicated to #StandTallWithStarr. We are excited to announce that we have two more to thank tonight. An enormous THANK YOU to Denny LaFleur for his gift of $1,000, and an equally enormous THANK YOU […]

2021 Trauma and Resilience Virtual Conference

July 19-23, 2021 Starr’s virtual conference consisted of 20 virtual sessions delivered in focused topics surrounding larger trauma-informed, resilience-focused themes – packed full of practice-based resources for immediate implementation. All conference attendees have unlimited access to the conference content for 1 month following the event, during which time credit towards a Starr certification, recertification, and […]


American Rescue Plan (ARP) Fuels Education Recovery – ESSER We’re excited to share a pivotal development in K-12 education aligned with Starr Commonwealth’s mission. The U.S. Department of Education’s swift response to President Biden’s ARP involves the allocation of ARP Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds. These funds aim to support safe school […]

Central Ohio Request for Proposals

Starr’s theory of change, and the benchmark of its work, is that when trauma-informed and resilience-focused adults work within trauma-informed and resilience-focused systems, the wellbeing and success of children will increase. This theory is the foundation of our work that includes not only training and professional development, but also practical tools, coaching, and evaluation measures […]

The APA Stress in 2020 Survey and Overlapping Symptomology

The American Psychological Association’s 2020 Stress in America survey revealed that Americans are experiencing a significant and negative impact as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Americans of all ages are struggling to cope with the disruption—on top of other factors creating stress, including political conflict, burdens of racism, and an economic downturn. The APA […]

Fall 2020 Appeal

As we all navigate the impact of COVID-19, organizations such as our own will continue to undergo an unprecedented reimagining as we both recover and deliver our mission in a newly creative and dynamic manner. As we shared with you in April, Starr Commonwealth has embarked on a journey to make sudden shifts in the […]

Back to School During a Pandemic

To ensure the success of all children and professionals as we reintegrate into a new school year, Starr Commonwealth has developed this course to educate on what’s most important to consider for children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Supplementing Starr’s Resilient Schools: A Back to School Guide During a Pandemic, this course will not only dive […]