“And don’t call me a racist!”


An uncomfortable look at the ways Americans view race relations.

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Using quotes across time, class and race, Mazel presents an uncomfortable look at the divergent ways in which Americans view black / white relations. Most white Americans want to believe that racism is dead, or at least no longer the problem it once was. The sad truth is that racism is alive and well, and is even thriving as we enter the 21st century.

As the book points out, there is an unwitting racism – an “invisible” racism that is perpetuated in America today. It shows itself in through actions, words and assumptions, contrary to the way in which most white Americans believe (or see themselves.)

To Mazel’s credit, the book does not take a tone of anger or accusation, but rather seeks to find a common ground of discussion and recognition, with an eye towards addressing and solving the problem rather than exacerbating it.

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Author:                Contents selected and arranged by Ella Mazel

Pages:                   162
ASIN:                     B000BVTNW4

Publisher:            Argonaut Press (1998)