Brave Bart, Ollie, and Coco and Kitty Bundle PDF


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Four pdf storybooks to download to help young children dealing with stress, bullying, and trauma.

Brave Bart: A Story for Traumatized and Grieving Children PDF

An illustrated storybook about a kitty who overcomes his fears and becomes a survivor.

Brave Bart and the Bully PDF


An illustrated storybook that promotes conversation about bullying and empathy.

Coco and Kitty PDF


Big Changes Bring Brave Bart Home to Help PDF


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Brave Bart has been providing help to children, families, schools, and other helping professionals across the world since the first book, Brave Bart: A Story for Traumatized and Grieving Children. Since learning how to become a survivor, he used his new skills to help his friends with bullying in Brave Bart and the Bully. Now, Brave Bart is back to help Ollie the Corgi cope with the “new normal” of COVID-19. This bundle is perfect for anyone who has not read Brave Bart’s previous adventures, but is seeking a resource to help turn the traumatized children they work with to work through their problems and thrive—regardless of what they have experienced.

This bundle includes:

  • Brave Bart: A Story for Traumatize and Grieving Children (39 pages – 9 mb) – This beautifully illustrated children’s storybook about Brave Bart, a kitty who had something bad, sad and scary happen to him. Helping Hannah helps Brave Bart overcome his fears and become a survivor. This storybook helps to normalize trauma reactions, talk to children about trauma and offers comfort while helping them move from victim to survivor-thinking.
  • Brave Bart and the Bully (32 pages – 11 mb) – This children’s book is about bullying. This book promotes conversation and encourages skill-building necessary to prevent bullying and its negative effects, which very often includes trauma. Strategies include intervening, promoting empathy and understanding at an earlier age so that problems surrounding bullying may be reduced or prevented.
  • Big Changes Bring Brave Bart Home to Help (31 pages – 5.4 mb) – The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 brings with it so many unknowns and unexpected changes for many. In Caroline H. Sheppard’s new story, with illustrations by Coco and Kitty illustrator Bethany Goforth, Brave Bart helps his friend Ollie the Corgi to acknowledge and normalize feelings related to the “new normal”.
  • Coco and Kitty (40 pages – 6.4 mb) – This story is about how Coco, a horse, and Kitty, a cat, become friends after a bad storm and a scary, unexpected move. Important life lessons and unexpected friendships emerge, due to a newfound trust and acceptance of differences and change