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Certification as a Certified Trauma and Resilience Trainer in Education (CTRT-E) allows professionals to train Starr’s foundational education content and certify their peers as Certified Trauma and Resilience Specialists in Education (CTRS-E), shifting mindsets and empowering educators on a building and/or district level!

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Starr’s CTRT-E Training and, ultimately, Certification is for professionals invested in promoting Starr’s resilience-focused approach to healing trauma in educational environments. As a CTRT-E, trainers can train Starr’s foundational 10 Steps to Create a Trauma-Informed Resilient School course within or outside of their school building/district, certify individuals as CTRS-Es, and share the same powerful tools and mindset they have mastered with new educators and the children, families, and communities they collectively serve.

To purchase and complete this live training, individuals must have achieved CTRS-E certification.

The CTRT-E Training is a live (via Zoom), 1-day training – with mandatory pre-work and a mandatory 30-minute consulting session with the CTRT-E Instructor required.

Purchase of this $1,499 CTRT-E Training Page includes:

  • An overview of what to expect at the live training
  • A pre-review of the CTRT-E Agreement and Guidelines
  • Video content on how to navigate and utilize the provided trainer resources, how to schedule and complete trainings, and more
  • Videos about Starr’s history, Brain Science, Polyvagal Theory, and more
  • An invitation to select the desired training date
  • Directions on how to prepare for the training
  • A seat in a live training, which when successfully completed will result in certification as a CTRT-E

Upon successful completion of the training and therefore certification, trainers must also purchase a CTRT-E StarrPASS for $399 to be permitted to train the 10 Steps Course content. This is an annual fee.

Purchase of the CTRT-E StarrPASS provides access to:

  • All of the required resources to deliver the 10 Steps content and certify participants as CTRS-Es
  • All of Starr’s elective course video content and past conference content
  • A minimum of 6 webinars held throughout the year, as well as the replay of each session video
  • Additional bonus content

Please note:

  • Upon purchase of this product, individuals will be provided a set of live training dates to choose from (i.e., Cohorts)
  • Cohort selection and the live CTRT-E Training must be completed within 3 months of your purchase date – unless otherwise approved by a Starr Customer Success Associate
  • It is the responsibility of the individual to select their preferred and alternate cohort date ASAP, following the provided directions on the trainer page – failure to complete this process within the noted timeline will result in the forfeiture of their seat with NO refund granted
  • Cohort confirmation will be sent, at a minimum, two weeks prior to your selected date; if you have not heard from a Starr Customers Success Associate within this noted window of time or a date change request is required, please contact info@starr.org
  • Purchase of this training page DOES NOT include access to a CTRT-E StarrPASS – which must be purchased for $399 after certification is achieved
  • A CTRT-E StarPASS must be purchased annually to retain the ability to train the 10 Steps course and certify individuals as CTRS-Es


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