Certified Trauma Practitioner – Clinical – Certified Trainer eBundle


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Starr Commonwealth is committed to helping professionals increase their understanding of trauma-informed, resilience-focused tools and practices, advance their career goals, and train fellow child, family, and community advocates. This is all made possible by becoming a Certified Trainer.

To support aspiring Certified Trainers, Starr has created a new certification eBundle that includes all 5 pre-requisite courses. The new eBundle allows future trainers to achieve both Certified Trauma Practitioner (CTP) status in their area of focus and, ultimately, Certified Trainer (CT) status in the most cost-effective, time-conscious manner possible.

To become a Certified Trainer, individuals must first:

  • Complete Children of Trauma and Resilience (Clinical Certification Track – Course 1)
  • Complete Structured Sensory Interventions II ( Clinical Certification Track – Course 2)
  • Complete Trauma-Informed Resilient Schools (Educational Certification Track – Course 1)
  • Complete Resetting for Resilience (Educational Certification Track – Course 2)
  • Complete Healing Trauma and Restoring Resilience in Schools (Educational Certification Track – Course 3)
  • Pass the CTP Clinical Exam and maintain annual CTP status
  • Complete and submit the Certified Trainer Application

Upon successful completion of the items above, individuals must then:

  • Receive Certified Trainer Application approval to take the Certified Trainer Course
  • Purchase and Pass the Certified Trainer Course ($900/individual or $6,500/organization)
  • Sign the Certified Trainer Agreement (upon completion of the course)

As a Starr Certified Trainer, individuals will not only become part of a large network of trauma-informed, resilience-focused professionals, but also become an instrumental piece in equipping other professionals with new tools and knowledge on how to best meet children where they are needed most. Certification status is active for 1 year. Please visit our Certified Trainer webpage for renewal requirement information.

Heal trauma, build resilience, and improve future health outcomes by starting your path to certification today.

For additional details on Starr’s various certifications, please visit starr.org/programs/certifications/ or contact Starr’s Customer Care team at 1-800-837-5591 or info@starr.org.

Maintaining Certification

Once certified practitioner status has been achieved, individuals must complete the following each calendar year to maintain active status:

  • Complete one of Starr’s CE approved 6 credit online courses, OR
  • Attend a full-day Starr training
Please Note: 
  • Once purchased, you will have access to each course and exam included in the bundle for 1-year (365 days)