Circle of Courage® Staff Self-Assessment


A tool to assess your ability to create an environment that fosters Belonging, Mastery, Independence, & Generosity in the students you serve.

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Relationships, connection, and creating a sense of belonging are key to helping ALL children flourish. Another important facet is creating a physical and emotionally safe environment, which absolutely means establishing equitable classrooms and teaching and practicing emotional awareness and regulation. The last, extremely important factor may surprise you: it’s YOU (and your staff).

Purchase of this annual license will provide your building or district/ISD staff unlimited use of this powerful self-assessment tool – providing each an opportunity for each individual to measure their growth and development in creating a learning environment that fosters the Circle of Courage’s four Universal Needs of Belonging, Mastery, Independence, and Generosity.

Assessment Contents:

  • Overview of the Circle of Courage
  • Overview of the Circle of Courage Self-Assessment
  • One assessment per Universal Needs, with space for four date-specific reflections to measure/identify progress over time
  • Additional resource recommendations to support your trauma-informed, resilience-focused work

Please Note:

  • The self-assessment is delivered in the form of a digital download upon purchase, which can then be distributed to your staff for 365 days (at which point a new license will need to be purchased)
  • An overview of this resource is provided in Starr’s 2nd Education Track course – Resetting for Resilience
  • If you are interested in additional support to implement this tool or other trauma-informed, resilience-focused practices and assessments, please contact – our team is here to provide coaching support when and where you need us most



The Circle of Courage® is a model of positive youth development based on the universal principle that to be emotionally healthy all youth need a sense of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity. This unique model integrates the cultural wisdom of tribal peoples, the practice wisdom of professional pioneers with troubled youth, and findings of modern youth development research. For more information, please visit our website or contact


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