COVID-19 Impacts on LGBT+Youth: Implications for Belonging


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Pulled directly from the 2020 Trauma & Resilience Virtual Conference, in this episode Jenny Sloan (Senior Behavioral Health Clinician):

  • Explains common rejections of LGBT+ youth in their homes, communities, and schools – and the impact of rejection and the “crisis of belonging”, internalized homophobia, etc. traumatizes LGBT+ youth and impacts their health and well-being.
  • Utilizes the “Five Shifts” to connect with and understand fellow members of the human family, and identify strategies one can use to be an LGBT+ student ally and create safe learning environment.
  • Identifies areas of risk for LGBT+ youth that may be increased by the COVOD-19 crisis, and era social distancing.
  • Identifies strategies for professionals to assist with remediating these risks for LGBT+ youth.

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