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Purchase of this product is one of four key requirements to maintain active Certified Trauma & Resilience Trainer (CTRT) status on an annual basis.

Investing in this annual license maintains access to the CTRT Resource Page and the CTRC Resource Page, which include full access to all of Starr’s core course content, the CTRC course content, a robust toolkit of materials and resources, and a learning community of professionals committed to sharing new approaches to healing trauma and building resilience the children, families, communities, and professionals they serve.

Ongoing CTRT Certification Requirements

Prior to your certification lapse date, CTRTs must fulfill the following:

  1. Maintain active CTRP status (i.e., successfully complete one course, training, or otherwise approved Starr content on an annual basis)
  2. Train one of Starr’s five core courses annually and adhere to the CTRT Guidelines and therefore Agreement
  3. Purchase of this CTRT Annual Relicensing Fee
  4. Submit the CTRT Recertification Transcript Review Form

Items one through three above must be completed prior to submitting the CTRT Recertification – Transcript Review Approval Form.

  • Note: the “SC” Order # for the purchase of this product is a required component of the CTRT Recertification – Transcript Review Approval Form.

Uncertain about your current CTRT certification status? Please select this link to complete the Certification Status Review Form and a Starr Customer Care Associate will be in touch with you.



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