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The Self-Empowerment and Resiliency Program is designed to help students become more aware of their feelings, emotions and sensations they experience. It promotes self-empowerment, independence, and healthy self-regulation skills for all students. Self-regulation also teaches how the brain and body communicate during adversity on the inside, to foster resilience on the outside. Each lesson guides the student through a path of self-discovery that seeks to support the student at maintaining or re-establishing emotional balance and self-awareness under any situation.

This program includes a manual for the facilitator, with step-by-step instructions to move through 8 sessions with the adolescent or group, and a complimentary Self-Empowerment and Resiliency Program Workbook.

In addition to the manual and student workbook, Self-Empowerment & Resiliency also has an eLearning Course component. Interested in investing in all three? Please take a look at our eBundle and save!

Ages: 13-18


Author: Anthony Allen, CTRT
Manual 98 pages | Workbook 85 pages
Manual ISBN: 1-931310-80-7  | Workbook ISBN: 1-931310-81-5
Published by: Starr Commonwealth

The content of Self-Empowerment and Resiliency was adapted from Self-Regulation, by Alvin Sims.