Healing the Trauma of Addiction


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Pre-Requisite Course: Children of Trauma & Resilience

Course Overview: Healing the Trauma of Addiction is a course designed to help practitioners support adolescents and adults who are struggling with substance abuse. Instead of asking, “What happened?” it focuses on how to help these individuals regulate their emotions to sustain recovery. Participants will earn the process of moving traumatized and addicted individuals between themes of trauma and feelings of connection, resilience, and strength. Structured sessions are also presented to integrate mind-body skills and expressive art activities, providing the individual with a new platform to be an active participant in their healing.

Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the principles behind the psychophysiology of trauma
  • Define the psychophysiology of addiction and it’s overlap with trauma
  • Name at least three ways stress and trauma influence changes in the central nervous system
  • Identify the components of the core regulation network
  • Describe ways to engage the vagus nerve according to the polyvagal theory
  • Demonstrate activities you can use with individuals to pendulate between trauma and resilience themes
  • Understand addiction as a symptom of trauma, or as a response to lack of emotional regulation skills

Included with Purchase:

  • Closed Captioning on all video content (English subtitles available)
  • Downloadable PDFs of the Healing the Trauma of Addiction Guidebook and Presentation
  • CE Certificate of Completion (through approved providers)

Additional Details:

  • This course takes approximately 6-hours to complete and you do not have to complete it in one sitting.
  • Starr eLearning courses can be completed on laptops, tablets, or mobile devices – allowing the content to be accessed whenever and wherever convenient.
  • Upon purchase, you will have access to this course for 1-year (365 days).
  • Healing the Trauma of Addiction counts as an elective toward achieving a Starr Commonwealth professional certification. Click here to learn more!


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