Healing Trauma & Restoring Resilience in Schools [Franklin University]


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Healing Trauma and Restoring Resilience in Schools takes participants deeper into the brain science of trauma and toxic stress, exploring the polyvagal theory, epigenetics, and the science of resilience. The content emphasizes the importance of hope when working with at-risk students. Participants will learn about the SITCAP® model (Structured Sensory Interventions for Traumatized Children, Adolescents, and Parents) and practice sensory-based interventions from a variety of SITCAP® model programs, including Healing the Experience of Trauma: A Path to Resilience specific for schools. Experiential activities will also showcase how to process trauma and nurture and restore resilience in students of all ages.


  • Healing Trauma and Restoring Resilience in Schools is the third of five courses required to achieve Certification Trauma Practitioner certification on Starr’s education track. Click here to learn more!



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