Managing Anger: One-Minute Interventions and SEL Activities for 13-18 Year Olds


5 quick-and-easy, structured, sensory-based activities to help the students you support reset.

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We have all worked with dysregulated children or classrooms in need of support and co-regulation. We also know we only have a certain amount of time to deliver a lesson, implement a test, or connect with our kids.

In our One-Minute Interventions and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Activities for 13-18 Year Olds, we provide 5 quick-and-easy, theme-specific activities to help the students you support reset.

Available themes include:

Each structured, sensory-based activity takes on average less than 15 minutes to complete, includes a scripted prompt for ease of implementation, and can be implemented individually or in a group setting – in a safe and supportive way. Activities vary from writing, drawing, or coloring, leaving the student or classroom physically regulated, ready to learn, and aware of how to manage their emotions.

All of these activities have been pulled directly from our full One-Minute Resilient Building Interventions resource, which includes over 200 theme and age-specific activities to foster resilience within your learning environment. Click here to learn more about the full resource!

Product Format: PDF, with unlimited downloads for your personal use and the benefit of the individual students/clients you serve.