Path to Resilience Journal 2nd Edition Included


All new 2nd Edition journal to accompany the 2021 publication of Healing the Experience of Trauma Program 2nd Edition. This journal is not for use with any other version of the program.


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This new 2021 2nd edition of the Path to Resilience Journal is for use with the Starr program, Healing the Experience of Trauma 2nd Edition only. Order one for each child or adolescent you work with so they can complete and keep it. Or order a digital version and print out each worksheet for each child you work with.

The program activities provide traumatized youth with an opportunity to experience the process of moving back and forth between the themes of trauma and introduce them to feelings of connection, resilience and strength. Ages: 7-18


Author: Caelan Soma
92 pages
ISBN: 1-931310-82-3
Published by: Starr Commonwealth


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