Racial Healing: The Institutes for the Healing of Racism


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Ever since 1988, the grassroots movement called the Institutes for the Healing fo Racism has been spreading from community to community, quietly and steadily working to heal human hearts of the scourge of racism.

Until now, there has been no standard text to set forth the philosophy, psychology, and format on which the Institutes are based. Racial Healing:

  • Shares the writers’ personal experiences with the racial healing process from racially different perspectives
  • Defines racism as a psychological, emotional, and spiritual disorder
  • Outlines the Institutes’ two goals and the five steps to achieving them
  • Examines why the Institutes are so effective – and so different from other programs that try to combat racism
  • Tells how to set up and facilitate an Institute for the Healing of Racism
  • Offers guidance for existing Institutes that want to sharpen their focus

A must-read for those who are tired of platitudes and placation, who want to find a real and lasting solution to the problem of racism.