What Color is your Hurt? Trauma Intervention Program


A collection of sensory integration and positive behavior support, SITCAP® activities. Includes the following books:

Brave Bart: A Story for Traumatized and Grieving Children

An illustrated storybook about a kitty who overcomes his fears and becomes a survivor.

What Parents Need to Know

Ways to heal the hurt children experience following trauma exposure.

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This SITCAP® intervention program by Cindy Ciocco is for preschool age children, providing sessions that focus on the themes of trauma. All activities included in the program support sensory integration and positive behavior support. The program also contains a comprehensive section on the use of sand a tray. Parent intake forms are included in both English and Spanish in the workbook.

Note: your purchase comes with a copy of the Brave Bart storybook and What Parents Need to Know booklet.


Author: Cindy Ciocco
Pages: 242
ISBN: 1-931310-19-X
Publisher: Starr Commonwealth
Binding: 3-hole punched, shrink wrapped for easy access to individual pages/worksheets for duplicating to use with each client.