About Our Programs

Resilience: Reclaiming Youth International

Since 1997, Starr Commonwealth’s Reclaiming Youth International (RYI) has been dedicated to the development of programs and strategies to serve children and youth who are in conflict in family, school and community. RYI provides strength-based training designed to cultivate the potential in every child. We provide resources to help shift thinking from neglect, lack of knowledge and disrespect to support, understanding and respect. We draw on the strengths of youth professionals, family advocates, community policy leaders, researchers and young people themselves in the search for positive, practical solutions.

Reclaiming Youth International’s Circle of Courage® model portrays four universal growth needs of all children:

  • Belonging
  • Mastery
  • Independence
  • Generosity

Learn more about the Circle of Courage Philosophy

Racial Healing: Glasswing

Glasswing® training programs offer a different way of looking at others, ourselves and the world. This unique training offers a two-day racial-healing seminar. Participants are guided through a transformation of their hearts and minds as they learn to change how they relate to one another as members of the human family. The racial-healing process can only exist in an atmosphere of trust and respect (for self and others). Glasswing facilitators are well trained, highly respected and exceptional at what they do. Many participants describe the Glasswing experience as life-altering. Glasswing also offers a five-day certification training session for facilitators of the two-day sessions. Our five-day sessions are intense and carefully structured to make the most of every minute. Can Glasswing help you or your organization?