Trauma-Informed Organization Accreditation provides schools and agencies another tool to demonstrate their organization’s commitment to quality, distinguish themselves as a model and leader, and demonstrate their continued commitment to improvement.

Through the process of becoming a Starr Accredited Trauma Informed School or Agency, our experts will help transform your organization’s culture into one where young people can heal, move beyond their trauma and pain, and build skills of resilience to overcome adversity. Your staff and professionals will learn to view children through a trauma-informed, resilience-focused lens and learn to utilize tools and resources to help children and families flourish.

Accreditation is awarded after an organization meets the benchmarks of its Starr customized action plan including Certified Trauma Practitioner (CTP) and Certified Trainer (CT) certifications and successful documentation of compliance with Starr’s current Standards. Compliance is determined by an organization’s alignment with Starr's Accreditation Standards as evidenced by written documents and an on-site visit completed by Starr.

The first step in the accreditation process is to contact us! Better yet, if you are unfamiliar with our programs and approach, take a course first, either online or by bringing a Starr Trainer to your organization for an in-person training. The stronger your understanding of the “Starr Approach” to healing trauma and building resilience, the greater your confidence that our programs are the right ones for you and the children, families, and communities you serve. Once a solid foundation has been laid, we can begin to complete a needs assessment to understand what specific programs and interventions will be best for your organization, and build a plan that will set you, your colleagues, and your students/clients up for success!