Youth Assistance Program (YAP)

Starr’s Youth Assistance Program (YAP) works to help youth, ages 7-17, build confidence, self-esteem and boost academic performance. Understanding negative peer interactions, social issues, family issues, and unhealthy environments drive outcomes such as teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, truancy from school and/or home, domestic violence and other violent behaviors, Starr clinicians and coaches provided counseling, psychological assessments, testing, therapy and more.

Partnering with school systems such as Lincoln Park, Starr is finding new ways to increase our service to the youth of Wayne County, all the while helping the students increase their sense of belonging and safety within their community.

Starr’s dedicated team of clinicians and coaches is one of the many components of this program that make it so special, and we’d love to introduce you to them now:

Holly Sanders-Cobb
Will Weeks
Gabriella Mueller
Candace Pendergraft