Certified Trainer Certification

Are you interested in promoting Starr Commonwealth programs and interventions, and training others about what it means to be a trauma-informed, resilience-focused professional and child advocate? Be a part of the Starr Commonwealth organization as a Certified Trainer! If you have expertise in strength-based trauma practices and are a good communicator, then you are an excellent candidate for this Certified Trainer Program.

If you have not obtained Certified Trauma Practitioner (CTP) Certification,  a new eBundle has been created to allow you to achieve both CTP status in your area of focus and, ultimately, Certified Trainer status in the most cost-effective, time-conscious manner.

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Eligibility Requirements

To obtain Certified Trainer status you must complete the requirements listed below.

What to Expect in the Certified Trainer Course

Certified Trainer Renewal Requirements

Initial Certified Trainer Certification is valid for the calendar year in which it was achieved plus the following calendar year (e.g., if I obtain my certification in 2020, my status will expire on December 31, 2021).

Annual recertification requirements are as follows:

  • Maintain active Certified Trauma Practitioner status by successfully completing one, six-credit Starr course per calendar year during the certified period (e.g., if I achieve my Certified Trainer Certification in 2020, I will need to complete one course in 2021 – and each year that follows – to maintain active CT and therefore CTP status)
  • Adhere to the Certified Trainer Guidelines, which are provided upon initial certification and can be found on the Certified Trainer “My Learning” Page
  • Successfully complete the Certified Trainer Recertification Exam ($100)

Please note:

  • If you achieved your Certified Trainer Certification prior to 2020, your certification requirements remain the same as they were communicated at that point in time
  • Pre-approval is required for purchase of the Certified Trainer Recertification Exam (please contact info@starr.org for additional information)


If you have questions, please email info@starr.org – we will be happy to share more about this exciting opportunity.