Certified Trauma & Resilience Coach (CTRC) Certification

Starr Certified Trauma & Resilience Coaches (CTRC) have a fundamental understanding of the impact trauma and stress have on learning; the social, emotional, and physical development of students; and the role resilience plays in creating strength-based learning environments. Credentialed professionals understand how to be a champion for trauma-informed, resilience-focused practices within their school and/or district, coach peers and student’s parents/guardians, and create a culture of safety and trust for all to thrive.

Why pursue CTRC Certification?

  • To share your knowledge and passion for empowering professionals in educational environments to see the devastating impact trauma has on students and understand the significant role each play in building resilience and a brighter future for ALL students
  • To coach/mentor educators and support staff within your organization with the implementation of trauma-informed, resilience-focused practices and interventions
  • To gain access to Starr’s CTRC Resource Page, which provides access to a suite of tools, resources, and video to support your personal and organizational transformation
  • To gain access to a large network of CTRCs via an online Learning Community, to share experiences, exchange best practices, and continue to expand your skillset
  • To achieve a new, professional credential to showcase on professional materials/platforms to differentiate yourself, complete with a certification badge to distinguish your commitment to building resilience in the children, families, and communities you serve

How do you achieve CTRC Certification?

Professionals must successfully:

Certified Trauma & Resilience Coach (CTRC) Course

Please Note:

  • The pre-requisite courses and electives (and therefore CTRP certification) noted above can be completed via:
    • Starr’s eLearning platform (with course and exam bundles available for additional savings) 
    • In-person/virtual training, conducted by a Starr Certified Trauma & Resilience Trainer (CTRT) 
    • Otherwise approved content
  • Initial CTRC certification is active for the calendar year in which it was achieved plus the following calendar year (e.g., if you obtain your CTRC in 2022, your certification status is active through December 31, 2023).

How do you maintain active CTRC Certification?

CTRCs must successfully meet the following requirements on an annual basis, prior to their status becoming inactive:

What is the ongoing cost to be a CTRC?

The CTRC course costs $499, which includes initial access to the CTRC Resource Page and learning community (upon successful completion of the course and approval as a CTRC). To maintain ongoing, active status, the CTRC will need to complete one course (pricing is course/content specific) and purchase the $50 CTRC Annual Relicensing Fee.