Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioner (CTRP) – Clinical Track Certification

Starr Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioners (CTRP) have a fundamental understanding of the impact trauma has on the social, emotional, and physical development of youth, and the role resilience plays in creating positive, future health outcomes for the individuals they serve. With a specialization in clinical settings, each understands the importance their own curiosity of a child’s life experiences plays in diagnosing behavior and developing a trusting relationship that leads to the belief in each child’s inner greatness.

Why pursue CTRP Certification?

  • To continue your pursuit of learning new tools and skills to heal trauma
  • To gain access to a large network of CTRPs within your field, allowing you to share experiences, exchange best practices, and continue to expand your skillset
  • To achieve a new, professional credential to showcase on professional materials/platforms to differentiate yourself, complete with a certification badge to distinguish your commitment to building resilience in the children, families, and communities you serve

How do you achieve CTRP Certification?

Professionals must successfully complete:

Please Note:

  • Courses can be completed via:
  • Initial CTRP certification is active for the calendar year in which it was achieved plus the following calendar year (e.g., if you obtain your CTRP in 2020, your certification status is active through December 31, 2021).

How do you maintain active CTRP Certification?

CTRPs must successfully complete one (1) previously uncompleted course on an annual basis.

How do you obtain your badge if you are a current CTP/CTRP?

If you are an active CTP/CTRP and have not received an email invitation from Acclaim (Admin@YourAcclaim.com) to accept your badge, please complete the form below and a Customer Care Associate will process your request.