From teachers and administrators, to lunchroom supervisors and bus drivers, every professional in an educational setting is responsible for establishing an environment of safety so all children can flourish - and Starr’s trauma and resilience certifications are designed for any caring adult who works in a school setting.

Education professionals can achieve three different certification levels,  Certified Trauma and Resilience Specialist (CTRS), Coach (CTRC), and Trainer (CTRT), with each designed to meet specific needs, skill sets, and areas of interest. To learn more about the power each certification level provides please select each button below:

Professionals seeking to increase their knowledge of trauma-informed, resilience-focused practices to best support their student's needs.

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Professionals seeking to coach/mentor educators and administrators within their school or district on how to implement Starr’s trauma-informed, resilience-focused practices.

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Professionals seeking to train individuals within and/or outside of their organization in Starr’s trauma-informed, resilience-focused practices.

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