At the Intersection of White Privilege and COVID-19

In a recent interview with Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative, Montgomery, Alabama on MSNBC, he stated that we must radically rethink what we owe to the people who are the most vulnerable with a healthcare intervention based on vulnerability and need. He was responding to a question put to him regarding the impact of COVID-19 on communities of color. The pandemic has cut a wide swath of infection and death across our nation with communities of color, and in turn, the children of these communities, bearing much of the brunt of the virus. Why? In this episode, Ken Ponds & Christ Barrett (Senior Glasswing Facilitators) address how the trauma of white privilege, oppression, and racism intersect with communities of color and create situations in which people of color, particularly black Americans, are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

This episode was featured in Starr’s 2020 Trauma & Resilience Conference, and it is one of twenty sessions available for purchase (either individually or as a whole “conference” experience). For more information about the additional conference content, please contact us at


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