Residential Treatment

Continuously operated since 1913, Starr’s residential program extends it services well beyond the Great Lakes states and serve boys and girls from across the country.

Starr’s historic campus is also now home to a charter school, ensuring each student not only has access to our therapeutic, group living programs, but also to a supportive education. With students graduating on campus once again, the energy and opportunity before them continues to build within the halls and cottages of Starr Albion Prep.

Starr Albion Prep Programs:

Starr Albion Prep provides the following therapeutic support programs for referred youth:

  • Juvenile Justice
  • Substance Abuse
  • Sexually Reactive Youth (SRY)
  • Abuse and Neglect
  • Commercially Sexually-Exploited Children

In addition, Starr Albion Prep is proud to offer various athletic and arts programming whereby its students explore and identify new areas of interest – and find new, healthy outlets to apply their energy.

PREA Data and Reporting

Starr Commonwealth collects, reviews, and publishes data regarding sexual assault and harassment in compliance with PREA Juvenile Facility Standards 115.386 through 115.389. In order to protect the safety and security of Starr Commonwealth clients, information that is published will be redacted to comply with federal privacy laws.

PREA Annual Reports:

PREA Audits: