Are You Driven to Heal?

Uncle Floyd often said “as long as there is a child in trouble, the work of Starr Commonwealth will never be finished.” Regardless of your role, there is an opportunity for you with Starr Commonwealth.

For 107 years, Starr has relied on donors and other supporters to help us heal trauma and build resilience so that all can flourish


Whether working with schools or agencies dedicated to improving the lives of its children, or public agencies and foundations moved by the mission, Starr’s partners are integral to the expansion of the Commonwealth

To become certified through Starr is a commitment to transforming the lens through which you see children and signifies your dedication to healing

While time, treasure, or talent may not always be available, all one needs to do to join the mission is to raise your voice in support of breaking down barriers for children and staying connected with Starr

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Cathy Dillon Angels, Saints, & Stuff

“I think of my own children and the many wonderful opportunities they have been given. It makes me want the same for all children. This is what attracted me to Starr. [Their] mission to create positive experiences so that all children, families, and communities flourish continues to speak to my heart.”

Gregg Beeg President & CEO, Oaklawn

“Oaklawn has many values in common with Starr Commonwealth. We strive to heal those around us and we want to see our communities flourish. We cannot reach our mission alone and it is imperative
that we have these types of strong community relationships and partnerships.”

Anonymous Night of Starrs $10,000 Donor

“One of my heroes, Mahatma Gandhi, said: ‘I finally found myself when I lost myself in the service of others.’ These words ring true for me also. It is an honor and a blessing to lose myself in support of
the young people at Starr Commonwealth. Nothing makes me happier.”