Results for all stakeholders to celebrate.

Go beyond curriculum and benchmarks to reach the whole child, each and every day in your school—and in every classroom. Achieving a Starr accreditation endorses your school’s fundamental understanding of the impact toxic stress and trauma has on the social, emotional, and physical development of youth and the communities they call home.

Accreditation sets schools apart with knowledge of the role resilience plays in creating positive, future health outcomes. With over 3,000 schools and agencies across North America and thousands of professionals around the world having been trained in Starr’s innovative approach to healing trauma and building resilience, the impact each individual and organization is having is changing the trajectory of countless lives.

Earn your school’s trauma-informed resilience-focused accreditation in 4 easy, low-cost steps.

trauma informed resilience focused accreditation report
Starr’s Resilient Schools Project white paper encapsulates the process and results of trauma-informed accreditation in schools. Click to read. NOTE: The Resilient Schools Project is an embedded partnership where Starr professionals have implemented all aspects of the accreditation process with select schools. The accreditation process has been built from our findings from the Resilient Schools Projects, but is not a 1:1 embedded offering


Transform the lens through which your staff views student behavior and emotion with 10 Steps to Build a Trauma-Informed Resilient School.


build your “cor” team

Continuing education and implementation of Certified Trauma and Resilience Coaches and Trainers (Champions of Resilience).


expand and empower

Assess progress and equip your “COR” team with sustainable tools and education.


measure and accredit!

Final measurements and achieve accreditation!

We’re finally doing the right thing for kids.

We had very few tools—suspension, code of conduct, send them out. We felt we were not meeting their needs and there was danger inside the school… [We’re] now sitting here with the highest test scores since the MSTEP started, and the highest enrollment in 13 years.
Terry Dangerfield
Superintendent, Lincoln Park Public Schools

It doesn’t matter what you teach.

It doesn’t matter what you teach, it doesn’t matter what students you teach, it doesn’t matter what grade level you teach – everybody can come away…with some strategies that they can use with
students that they see every day in their classrooms.
School Administrator
Resilient Schools Project Partner School

Trauma-Informed Resilience-Focused School Accreditation FAQs

Accreditation with Starr is a low-cost, 4-step process!

  1. Train and equip all staff with the tools they need to meet the classroom needs of your students through 10 Steps to Create a Trauma-Informed Resilient School. This will certify your entire staff as Certified Trauma and Resilience Specialists in Education!
  2. Build your “Champions of Resilience” (COR) team within your school with more advanced skills and certifications to sustain the work long after you’re done working with us. Both the 10 Steps and COR team courses are offered in an on-demand format so your team can work through it at your own pace and convenience.
  3. Measure your progress! Starr’s Research and Evaluation Team, comprised of researchers, analysts, and evaluators, conducts groundbreaking research on trauma informed, resilience focused care. Using a mixed-methods approach, our team employs a number of data collection techniques including formal observations, structured interviews, document review, and survey questionnaires to measure the impact of your school’s progress. Data is then analyzed through qualitative coding and quantitative statistical aggregation, and the findings are used to inform customized action plans for our clients.
  4. Celebrate your accomplishments! Upon successful training and evaluation, Starr will issue your school accreditation credentials and marketing kits to share your hard work with all of your stakeholders.

Every school is different, and they’re all busy places (as you know well). Our program is designed to be self-paced based on your school’s individual needs and schedule. However, it is possible for any one school building to complete the program in 1 full year if they have the time, resources, and commitment to do so.

Need more time? Our accreditation process allows to spread the work over a multi-year period. It truly can be catered to your school’s unique needs.

Absolutely. In many ways Starr’s content marries the traditional work of counselors and social workers with the every day work and student interactions faced by classroom teachers, custodial staff. Doing this important work will give your more clinically minded staff and your classroom educators a common language to use when helping students.