Virtual Services

At Starr Commonwealth, we’ve been working with schools for decades to provide trauma-informed, resilience-focused care regardless of logistical hurdles. During this time of crisis, we are well prepared to work with schools to deliver services to fit to their exact needs. This includes telehealth services for students and staff, as well as training and consulting (both live via conference call and online courses) for staff in order to best support the mental health of students. Starr even offers programming to help schools reintegrate students back into school in the fall following the trauma of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Starr Commonwealth offerings include:

Educational Staff Coaching

  • Implementing Circle of Courage
    • Strategies to support each Universal Need
  • Aligning PBIS with trauma-informed best practices
  • Understand the neuroscience of trauma and resilience
  • Social emotional learning tools
  • Mindfulness in schools
  • Brain breaks plans and tools
  • Implementing comfort corners
  • Meeting sensory needs
  • Connecting with parents and families
    • Social emotional lessons
    • Circle of Courage activities/discussions
    • Weekly mindfulness lessons
    • weekly movement/brain break lessons
    • How to navigate crisis and stress
  • Creating a Resilience Room – intentional process to support regulation and build tools for coping
  • Starr’s Trauma- Informed Behavior Support Plan
  • Implementing Structures and Systems to Support Safety
  • Restorative Practices
  • Pro-active Circle
  • Restorative Circles
  • Strength based language/Reframing
  • Time-in vs. time-out
  • Consequences vs. Punishment
  • Healing the Experience of Trauma Program Implementation

Administration Consulting

  • Implementing screening tools
  • Administrative District Alignment with Trauma-Informed Best practices
  • Review Discipline Matrix to be trauma-informed
  • Administrative Consults on creating teams and meeting structures
  • Creating a culture of Self-care

Crisis Intervention/Defusing

A virtual structured group intervention process

The process is supportive and educational. Its purpose is not to process or explore feelings, nor to allow for the ventilation of feelings (this happens 1:1 and after 4 weeks has passed). Why? This process prevents participants from  revealing more about themselves than they wish to in a group and also protects the other participants from being exposed to others emotional intensity that may further regulate them.

Telehealth Service for Students and Staff

Starr Behavioral Health’s telehealth services provide trauma-informed and resilience-focused assessment protocols and interventions to heal trauma, and are ready to serve your students or staff. Regardless of insurance status, we may still be able to help!