Detroit Students Tour Wayne State University

Detroit Students Tour Wayne State University

Earlier this month, students from Starr Commonwealth’s Youth Assistance Program (YAP) and Lincoln Park Public Schools had the opportunity to take a tour of Wayne State University. Funded by a grant from Wells Fargo, this trip opened up a dialogue for students on what furthering their education can do for them, and got many of them thinking about the possibility of going to college.

Located in the city of Detroit, Wayne State University was a natural first choice for a college visit for these students. Not only was it a short bus ride from school, but many of the staff members who work with students on a regular basis graduated from or currently attend Wayne State University. Showing these kids the pride someone can have in their school brought a new element to the experience for both the staff and the students.

During the tour, students visited the recreation center, the library, the bookstore, the student center and the Old Main building, which houses the planetarium. At each location, students learned about what college life was like and had the opportunity to ask staff members questions about the facilities, the application process and the services provided to help students succeed.

“I hadn’t really thought about college much,” one student said while on the tour, “but seeing what it’s like, and actually being here… I’m starting to think about what I want to do with my life, and what I need from a school.”

Offering opportunities like this one allows Starr to show students the amazing futures that they are capable of having, and gives them a chance to expand their horizons by seeing new things and meeting people with different stories than their own. You can help students continue to have these experiences by supporting Starr Commonwealth.

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