Student Resilience & Empowerment Center

Starr Commonwealth | Summit Pointe | Battle Creek Family YMCA | Participating Calhoun County Schools

Program Details

Starr Commonwealth in partnership with Summit Pointe, Battle Creek Family YMCA, and local school partners have launched a new program. The program’s purpose is to create a dynamic environment for middle school students that fosters resilience and helps them develop confidence, positive self-esteem, and a growth mindset. The goal of the program is to match students with supports that allow them to develop and flourish.

The Student Resilience & Empowerment Center is a county-level program to help students improve their academic and social development. The program is individualized to meet student needs. Below are general program highlights:

  • 6 week program (or more), 5 days a week, 2 1/2 hours per day
  • Includes transportation to and from school, as well as a snack
  • No expense to the family, family participation opportunities, free membership to the Battle Creek Family YMCA

"We greatly appreciate our partnership with STARR on The REC program, which has improved students' ability to access their education by providing them with the skills they need to be successful in school.  In line with our equity imperative, the REC program is successfully closing the opportunity gaps for many of the students it serves, helping us to make progress on our goal of reducing and eventually eliminating the use of exclusionary practices."
- Kimberly M. Carter, B.S, MA.Ed, Ed.S., Superintendent, Battle Creek Public Schools

Matches students to a continuum of holistic supports and services (academic and behavioral health).

Provides behavioral health services that will support and improve students’ social and emotional skills.

Matches students to a continuum of holistic supports and services (academic and behavioral health).

Offers strength-based opportunities that allow students to see their own progress and builds their self-efficacy (growth mindset).

Offers, monitors, and proctors academic opportunities that will improve student academic engagement in school.

Makes more accessible individual and family behavioral health services to students as needed.