Consulting, Executive Coaching, and Live Trainings

Starr’s team of certified professionals is ready to bring specialized, trauma-informed, resilience-focused, and culturally-responsive learning experiences to your school, agency, or organization staff and supporters. Located throughout the United States and Canada, our team will meet you where you need them most – providing consulting support, executive coaching, and the trainings outlined below.

How do you schedule a session or training?

Please complete the form below and a Starr representative will be in touch!

What are the benefits of scheduling a consulting session?

  • Specific issues/opportunities can be addressed in a confidential manner
  • Direct input and expert advice can be provided for your areas of greatest need
  • Pick dates to fit your schedule
  • Save on travel expenses
  • Our Subject Matter Experts can customize learning to fit your specific needs

What live training opportunities are available?

Additional requests will be reviewed and approved based on availability.