Starr Commonwealth Alumni

Engage former students, build a community of mutual support, and strategically utilize our time, talent, and treasure

Starr Commonwealth has a rich base of alumni whose involvement is crucial to our Mission. Our alumni include thousands of individuals from across the country and around the world, many of which continue to engage with Starr and their peers – throughout their journey in life. The mission of the Alumni Association is to strengthen the community of former students of Starr Commonwealth and to utilize alumni knowledge and experiences to form a common bond of mutual support by the strategic utilization of their time, talent or treasure.

Our alumni inspire us every day, and show us that success is possible if given the right opportunities to thrive. We thank our Alumni for all they do to continue on the positive path of personal transformation they are so committed to, and to play a role in the positive transformation of their peers, families, and communities.

Alumni Spotlights