Weddings at Starr

Starr Chapel in the Woods

COVID-19 Update for the Chapel-in-the-Woods and Weddings Hosted at Starr
Starr has continued to monitor and prepare for the rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19). During this time, our team has been prepping for how the virus may impact our campus as well as the communities we serve. It is important to us to keep our staff, students, and community safe and healthy during this time. Additionally, as we consider events hosted on our campus, we want to ensure that we are not putting those traveling to us at risk. In light of the recent recommendations regarding travel restrictions and the interim guidance we have received from the CDC regarding mass gatherings, we intend to limit visitors and potential exposure to COVID-19 by suspending rentals of our facilities until a later date. Although an outbreak has not occurred in our community, we believe this is a necessary preventative measure to limit the risk to our students on campus as well as to those who may be traveling to us.

The historic Starr Albion campus is home to many beautiful buildings, including our Chapel-in-the-Woods.

The Chapel-in-the-Woods was built in 1950 and features beautiful stained glass windows donated by friends of Starr Commonwealth. Inspired by Floyd Starr’s ancestral church in Kent County, England, the chapel provides a non-denominational place of worship for the students on our campus, many of whom have returned to be married here.

Couples have the option of holding their ceremony on the grounds outside the chapel or in the building itself. Our Chapel-in-the-Woods can hold up to 175 guests, and is handicap accessible.