learned helplessness in students child with shadow of strong person

Learned Helplessness in Students

Learned helplessness in students is a psychological phenomenon in which children begin to feel as though they have no control over the events or circumstances happening to them, which can manifest within in the classroom. This can lead to... Continue reading.

Peace on Earth

“Peace on earth, goodwill towards people!”  A high school friend has sent me this seasonal greeting for several decades now.  Oh, and my friend changed the wording, “towards men” to “towards people” with the very first... Continue reading.

Trauma-Informed Self-Care for Holiday Stress

The holiday season is upon us: at home, in the workplace, in our communities, classrooms, and far and wide in the media, online, and in neighborhood stores. This time of year can inspire festive gatherings and activities of joy, togetherness, and... Continue reading.

Intentional Connection Over the Holiday Break

We are quickly approaching the final days of instruction for many before schools close for holiday breaks. A lot of teachers and students are looking forward to a couple weeks of rest, relaxation and some physically distanced fun. However, breaks... Continue reading.