Allyship and DEI-B

At the moment, our society, institutions, democracy, personal lives and organizations like Starr Commonwealth are experiencing turbulent times.  Times that stem from long developed problems grounded in systems of oppression that have gone... Continue reading.

Parents as Partners in the Classroom

Education is increasingly viewed as a shared responsibility of educators, families, and communities. Schools, parents, and the community should work together to promote the health, well-being, and learning of all students. When school involve... Continue reading.

young girl using cognitive flexibility in front of chalkboard with a questions mark over her head

Cognitive Flexibility in the Classroom

Cognitive Flexibility Definition Cognitive flexibility means being able to think in different ways and adjust to new situations. It's important because it helps people handle changes and deal with difficult things. Sometimes when kids experience... Continue reading.

Shelby’s Story

Thanks to the generosity of all who give to scholarship funds for alumni of Starr, countless individuals are able to pursue their passions—and their futures. One alumna, Shelby Kasen, has made her dreams a reality. Originally published in... Continue reading.

Coping with the aftermath of the MSU shootings

As Michiganders struggle to deal with the aftermath of the shootings at Michigan State University on Feb. 13, many are juggling conflicting emotions: anger, fear, sadness, rage, grief, helplessness and others. That’s all normal in light of the... Continue reading.

Starr Commonwealth

Classroom Management

There are a wide variety of classroom management systems used by schools today. Levels, colors, clips, stickers, and tickets are variations of the many popular ways to motivate students to demonstrate appropriate behavior in the classroom. However,... Continue reading.

learned helplessness in students child with shadow of strong person

Learned Helplessness in Students

Learned helplessness in students is a psychological phenomenon in which children begin to feel as though they have no control over the events or circumstances happening to them, which can manifest within in the classroom. This can lead to... Continue reading.

Peace on Earth

“Peace on earth, goodwill towards people!”  A high school friend has sent me this seasonal greeting for several decades now.  Oh, and my friend changed the wording, “towards men” to “towards people” with the very first... Continue reading.

Trauma-Informed Self-Care for Holiday Stress

The holiday season is upon us: at home, in the workplace, in our communities, classrooms, and far and wide in the media, online, and in neighborhood stores. This time of year can inspire festive gatherings and activities of joy, togetherness, and... Continue reading.