Research and Evaluation

With more than 100 years of experience in building resilience and fostering healing in youth, and evidence-based models designed to heal trauma and unlock the greatness in all youth, Starr is proud to be part of the positive transformation of countless children, families, communities and organizations.

Starr is committed to continuing to advance the field of behavioral health – to ensure that not only Starr, but all human service organizations that serve children and the professionals who support children, have the best tools possible to build resilience, break the cycle of trauma, and bring about systematic change.

To stand tall with this commitment, Starr’s Research and Evaluation Team, comprised of researchers, analysts, and evaluators, conducts groundbreaking research on trauma informed, resilience focused care. Using a mixed-methods approach, our team employs a number of data collection techniques including formal observations, structured interviews, document review, and survey questionnaires to measure the impact of interventions. Data is then analyzed through qualitative coding and quantitative statistical aggregation, and the findings are used to inform customized action plans for our clients.

Starr’s Research and Evaluation Team also performs regular evaluations of each of our programs to ensure that our services offered to, children, families and communities are of the highest quality. Our Research and Evaluation Team is dedicated to capturing data-driven results that ensure our work continues to be the best available. Our aim is that the lessons learned within one school or clinic turn into best practices for the next organization to apply.

Additionally, the Research and Evaluation Team evaluates its internal operations to inform future process improvements as well as provide research-based information for organizational decision-making.

The confidentiality of our youth and partners is of utmost importance to us, matched only by our desire to bring about positive change in their lives and their future.

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