Certified Trauma & Resilience Trainer (CTRT) Certification

Starr Certified Trauma & Resilience Trainers (CTRT) have a fundamental understanding of and belief in the impact of Starr’s programs, interventions, and resilience-focused approach to healing trauma in children, families, and communities. With this credential, trainers can train and certify professionals through Starr’s trauma-informed, resilience-focused specialist courses within or outside of their organization – sharing the same powerful tools and mindset they have mastered with new professionals and organizations, and, most importantly, the children each are driven to heal.

Why pursue CTRT Certification?

  • To share your knowledge and passion for empowering professionals to see the devastating impact trauma has on children and understand how they can build resilience and a brighter future for ALL
  • To provide regular professional development to professionals within and/or outside of your organization
  • To have unlimited access to Starr’s core courses and select resources and materials, including CTRT Resource Pages (complete with enhanced tools and tutorials on how to implement the “Starr approach”)
  • To gain access to a large network of CTRTs, allowing you to share experiences, exchange best practices, and continue to expand your skillset
  • To achieve a new, professional credential to showcase on professional materials/platforms to differentiate yourself, complete with a certification badge to distinguish your commitment to building resilience in the children, families, and communities you serve

How do you achieve CTRT Certification?

Professionals must successfully:

Please Note:

  • CTRTs are required to purchase and maintain an active StarrPASS account to access their CTRT Resource Page and keep their certification active. Learn more about Clinical, Education, or Early Childhood StarrPASS.

When are CTRT Trainings offered and how do you apply?

CTRT Trainings can be completed for your organization (on-demand) or individually, as part of a larger group (via a pre-scheduled date). Please click the button below to learn more.

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  • Note: For the safety of our participants and instructors, all trainings are currently being offered virtually via Zoom

How do you reactivate your CTRT (formerly known as CT) certification?

If you are uncertain of what is required to reactivate your certification status, please complete our Certification Status Review Form and a member of our team will follow-up with you.