Starr Commonwealth provides professionals with the opportunity to obtain certification as a Certified Trauma Practitioner and Certified Trainer. Thousands of professionals have obtained certification since 1995 and tens of thousands have attended our trainings internationally. Currently, over 3,000 schools and agencies across North America have been trained in Starr Commonwealth’s intervention programs.

Each level of certification has different features and requirements, which are as follows:

Certified Trauma Practitioner (CTP)

Professionals and child advocates have a choice between two tracks at the Certified Trauma Practioner level of certification:

Track 1: Clinical (CTP-C) – Focused on the needs of clinicians or anyone that supports the positive development/health of children
Track 2: Educational (CTP-E) – Focused on the needs of educators

Each track consists of five courses and an exam, with a specific set of prerequisite courses to ensure a robust understanding of how trauma impacts children within and outside of their professional setting. To learn more about each track and the benefits of becoming a CTP, visit our Certified Trauma Practitioner page.

Certified Trainer (CT)

Certified Trauma Practitioners can continue their path of certification by becoming a Starr Certified Trainer (CT).  This certification is designed for professionals who are invested in promoting Starr’s programs, interventions, and resilience-focused approach to healing trauma. As a CT, trainers can train each of Starr’s five core courses within or outside of their organization – sharing the same powerful tools and mindset they have mastered with new professionals and the children, families, and communities they serve.

To become a CT, a specific set of Starr courses must be completed, in addition to a 2-day training. For more information on how to achieve this level of certification and the benefits that result from it, visit our Certified Trainer page.

Please note:

  • To maintain good standing, CTP and CTs must complete a six-credit Starr course (online or in-person) annually
  • All Starr courses are approved for Continuing Education credits
  • Additional requirements must be met to maintain CT status