Since 1995, thousands of professionals and child advocates across the country and globe have supported their commitment to learning new skills and approaches to support children, families, and communities by achieving Starr Commonwealth Trauma & Resilience Certification.

Achieving a Starr certification endorses your fundamental understanding of the impact trauma has on the social, emotional, and physical development of youth and the communities they call home, and the role resilience plays in creating positive, future health outcomes. With over 3,000 schools and agencies across North America and thousands of professionals around the world having been trained in Starr’s innovative approach to healing trauma and building resilience, the impact each individual and organization is having is changing the trajectory of countless lives.

Understanding the many unique needs, areas of focus, and levels of aspiration that individuals and their professions present, Starr has developed a series of certification levels in various areas of focus. While each certification level brings with it different requirements and benefits, each has been designed to support your drive to heal those who need us most.

Please select the audience category that best meets your profession/area-of-interest below, and let’s take the next step to becoming a trauma and resilience certified professional together:


Anyone Driven to Heal children in all settings.


Anyone Driven to Heal children in a school setting.


Anyone Driven to Heal children in an early childhood center setting.