Professional Training & Coaching

Through Starr Commonwealth’s training and coaching arm, childcare professionals, clinicians, educators, and parents have access to Starr’s highly successful and innovative techniques aimed at bringing out the best in every child, parent, adult and community. You can improve the way you interact with the children under your care using practical, time-proven methods.

Starr Commonwealth believes that knowledge + empowerment = impact.

Starr’s direct impact can be experienced through the guidance and expertise our trainers and coaches provide to “helpers” around the world in the form of research, publications, eLearning courses, on-site trainings, conferences and certifications and organization-wide accreditation. Each product and service offered pulls from our trauma-informed, resilience-focused (Circle of Courage) philosophy, in addition to our 100+ year history and the belief that we are all one human family (Glasswing).

We are eager to share our knowledge and practices, empower you and your organization, and bring about lasting impact in the individuals, families, and communities. We are driven to heal.

For more information about our in-person/virtual training and coaching offerings, please select this link.